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Meet The Team

Yosef Levy


Yosef Levy is a strategic marketing consultant to companies and businesses in the U.S. and Israel as well as the founder of Jewish Workshops. Just as he created this online community many years ago, he now helps business owners and entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams by helping them create and expand their business ventures. 


Jillian Mirell


Jillian joined the Jewish Workshops team with nearly 10 years of retail management experience, a passion for making people happy, and a thirst for learning new skills. After 2 years of working side by side with Yosef Levy, she graciously accepted the title of CEO and set her sights on reaching Jews across the globe in the hopes to expand our Jewish Workshops family and cultivate life-long relationships, bonds and a supportive community like no other. 


Talia Feldmann

Finance Manager

Talia was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and made aliyah in 2007. She now resides in Givat Zeev with her husband and 4 children. Talia has a degree in Quantitative and Financial Management and loves anything related to numbers. She joined Jewish Workshops after working as a Risk Analyst in 2011, and has enjoyed being part of the Jewish Workshops team ever since.


Samantha Franklin

Engagement Coordinator

Samantha is beyond thankful to be part of the Jewish Workshops team and family! She has an eternal love for Hashem and Judaism. By Samantha being engaged in the classes, she is able to expand her and her husband’s spiritual growth. Samantha has been very passionate about her Judaism since her upbringing. Samantha has an optimistic attitude and wants members to thoroughly enjoy the classes. She makes sure that weekly classes run smoothly and that they arrive on time in the membership area for our amazing members.

Ayala pic.png

Ayala Gordesky

Director of Marketing

Ayala has been a proud team member in Jewish Workshops since 2013. She is a digital marketer with 10 years of experience in the field. Ayala believes that above all else a marketer must be passionate about his or her product, and has found that source of passion in the life-changing guidance provided by the many workshops that Jewish Workshops has to offer.

Hannah black&white.png

Hannah Bienn

Customer Support Manager

Hannah comes to the Jewish Workshops team with ten seasoned years of making customers smile! Hannah serves as one of your first contacts to help answer any questions you may have and ensuring every class is worthwhile. Hannah originally hails from Madison, Wisconsin. In 2014, after receiving her BA in Organizational Communication from Depaul University, she decided to make her move to Israel where she currently resides with her family in the hills of Jerusalem.

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Tziporah Worlikar

Customer Support Representative

Originally from Mumbai, India, Tziporah made aliyah in 2018. As a customer satisfaction representative and backup webinar support, she is passionate about ensuring the best experience for each and every one of our members. Her background is in Business Management and Finance.

Levitating Objects


Technical Support Manager

Bracha's been a member of the Jewish Workshops team since its inception. She currently manages Technical Support and works to ensure that every member can access all of his materials as simply and efficiently as possible. She's impressed and inspired by the dedication and growth mindset of every Jewish Workshops member and is gratified to play her role in their journey. 

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