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Jewish Workshops is a place where you can join your favorite lecturers or mentors and receive interactive guidance to the most troubling problems that affect your daily life. Our lecturers give you solutions to marriage problems, parenting challenges, emotional struggles such as anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, loneliness. In our ongoing communities you can become a member of an exclusive group working together to achieve their goal through the guidance of a renowned mentor. To keep up to date on current live workshops click here

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Join a renowned mentor and be part of a community committed to improving marriage, personal growth through Torah or emotional health. More...

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Discover solutions to your biggest challenges by gaining immediate access to workshops that have already changed the lives of individuals across the globe. More...

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Members Area

Members-only area that gives each member personalized access to all materials to download or view immediately. More...

“I treasure the workshops and the deep wisdom that I can hear coming from Jewish Workshops. I am so thankful to be linked into nutritious teaching for my whole being.”

-Anne S.

“As always, thank you for being the conduit to connect thirsty Jews with life-giving Torah.”

-Mike G.

“Jewish Workshops has, in general, added tremendously to the transformation I have experienced through Judaism, and I exaggerate not.”


​-Susan J.

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