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Although we have worked tirelessly to find the best destination for all of your spiritual and emotional needs, the journey is not always so clear cut. For this reason, we have created a place for you to get a small taste of a Jewish Workshops experience. Please sample and enjoy anything or everything on this page and feel free to follow it up with any inquiries that emerge to

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Five Free Classes on Nefesh Hachaim with Rabbi Akiva Tatz 

Join Rabbi Tatz and discover:

  • The key role that mitzvot play in our lives and how they affect the world as a whole.

  • A profound look at blessings and the deeper meaning behind them.

  • A kabbalistic exploration of the soul and insights into the World to Come.  

  • The necessity of Torah study in a global sense and how we can achieve this.

  • How to balance a spiritual existence with physical responsibilities such as employment.

  • The capabilities we have as humans to elevate ourselves in the spiritual realm and how this compares to angels.

  • And much more... 

Sign up today and receive five free classes delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Daily Sanity Secrets with Dr. Miriam Adahan 

FREE Daily Sanity Secrets will give you a daily boost of emotional support and guidance.

These short, daily, inspirational emails will help you:

  • Navigate through day-to-day stressors while remaining calm and upbeat

  • Be guided you through anxious moments and feelings of sadness & anger

  • Connect more deeply to those around you, yet set healthy boundaries with those that may be toxic to you.

  • Quiet the chaos around you by learning how to create serenity and peace within your mind

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