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—  Sofia

“I treasure the workshops and the deep wisdom that I can hear coming from Jewish workshops. I am so thankful to be linked into nutritious teaching for my whole being. ” 


I love learning through your website.  I find it all very uplifting and as I said before it’s very inline with how I think.  Extra blessings goes out to your workshops!


A special thanks to all the people at Jewish Workshops who have bonded us together from all over the world through this “Life Line”  of teaching, inspiration and support.


You and your staff exude compassion, genuine interest for the sake of improving the Jewish world and ultimately the whole world, and love for people!! It is people like you who help people like me believe in people again!!


I find that your methods are very practical and are affecting real change. I feel that Hashem is speaking through you.


I have no words to explain how wonderful and inspiring is this workshop, how much awareness brings into my life,

I am always encouraging every English woman that I know to join you.


I am really, super impressed and will be delighted to continue to share my positive recommendations of your site, services, and webinars with my family and friends.


What a blessing you are and what a blessing my cousin from Monsey gave me when she shared your name with me.


Many thanks to Jewish Workshops for creating a distinctly Jewish environment for learning and growing together. That is truly Tikkun Olam.


I am so grateful to have discovered Jewish Workshops. The few sessions I have attended have already made a big difference, and the workshops are quickly becoming one of the highlights of my week, thanks to great contributors and flawless technology. I also appreciate very much the warmth, energy and responsiveness of the team.

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